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A Collectable drop (or Trophy) is an item that drops from a specific species of foes when they are slain. The main usage of collectable drops is to trade them in for collector rewards (such as Weapons, Focus Items, Insight Scrolls or Armor) at one of the many collectors around Tyria, Cantha and Elona.

Collectable drops have a few characteristics:

  • There is, for the overwhelming majority of them, a Collector that is offering something for them. Hence the name.
  • They have a fixed price (you will see the value in the item description without identifying them).
  • They stack in the inventory.
  • Every species or group in the game will usually drop the same collectable drop across all its units. In addition different species that share the same type will drop similar collectable drops. For example, all Drakes drop some form of Crest (Topaz Crest, Shadowy Crest, ..., etc.)

Since every collector collects only one specific type of drop you have to know who is the right collector to deal with. Check the details of the individual collectable drops to find out the name and location of the collector(s) for it. For some collectable drops there is more than one collector.

If you do not wish to trade the collectable drop against goods from a collector you can also:

  • Sell it at a fixed price at a Merchant
  • Sell it to other players
  • Trade with other players for a collectable drop that you desire.
  • Salvage it to turn it into Crafting Materials
  • Some collector rewards may be worth more than the price of five collector items. See Mountain Troll Tusk notes for example.

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