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Crafting materials are items that can be used to craft (create) armor, weapons or rare materials in the game. The actual crafting is performed by a Crafter NPC. You must pay gold and provide the necessary materials.

There are two types of crafting material in Guild Wars:

There are several sources of crafting materials:

  1. Salvage
    Salvage is the basic method by which crafting materials enter the game.
  2. Material Traders and Rare Material Traders
    These NPCs sell crafting materials.
  3. Artisans
    These NPCs can convert common crafting materials into rare crafting materials.
  4. Trade
    Other players are a source of nearly any item in the game.
  5. Loot
    Many common crafting materials drop frequently from certain types of monsters (e.g. Chitin Fragments from devourers). Very few rare crafting materials drop from monsters in Tyria(e.g. Charcoal from a Fire Imp), in Cantha it happens more frequently.

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